About Us // Strategy and Vision


The Naveh Shuster Group is an established and reputable real estate company engaged in entrepreneurship, holding and management of projects and yielding real estate properties. The Group was founded by the late Zvi Shuster in 1970. Zvi Shuster was a man of vision, he laid the professional foundations of the Group and established the corporate values for the Group’s constant growth in Israel and the U.S.A. Dalia Shuster managed the group from 1998 till 2022. As of today Moran Shuster  is continuing to manage and lead the Group and to develop the Company and maintain its position as one of the most reliable and professional construction groups in the industry. Under Moran’s direction, the Group is living up to the vision of its founder and continues to grow and expand its business. The Group engages in a wide range of development, construction and real estate fields both in Israel and abroad. The Group’s activities are characterized by a persistent striving for professional excellence, quality, transparency, reliability and integrity. The Group focuses its vision on the future and is a leader of innovative construction and real estate approaches, always keeping in mind the customer's point of view and striving to respond to the customer’s needs and at the same time to preserve the environment in which it is operating.

Strategy and Vision

The Naveh Shuster Group will continue to expand its business activities and the projects in which it is involved both in Israel and overseas. The Group will engage in finding business opportunities and initiatives while maintaining its financial stability.

The Group will continue to build, maintain and operate the Group companies and its properties, while maintaining its commitment to the values upon which it was founded and as it has operated ever since its foundation.

The Group will continue to persistently pursue uncompromising excellence and professionalism, operate its business and manage its holdings with integrity and transparency, deliver high quality services to its customers and maintain honest and professional relations with its business counterparts and associates.

The Group’s Strengths

  • Long history, reputation and experience – Building thousands of apartments in Israel and the U.S.A.
  • Financial resilience
  • Expertise and professionalism
  • Skilled work force
  • High standards of construction and design 
  • Quality and uncompromising compliance with standards
  • Reliability and transparency
  • High level of quality customer services
  • Preservation of the characteristics of the existing environment with special emphasis on green areas
  • Attention to minute details
  • Innovation