The Naveh Shuster Group is committed to expand its business activities and the projects in which it is involved in Israel and overseas. The Group will engage in finding business opportunities and initiatives while maintaining its financial stability. The Group will continue to build, maintain and operate the Group companies and its properties and keep its commitment to the values upon which it was founded and which guided its operations ever since its foundation. The Group will continue to persistently pursue uncompromising excellence and professionalism, operate its business and manage its holdings with integrity and transparency, deliver high quality services to its customers and maintain honest and professional relations with its business counterparts and associates.

The Group’s Strengths

  • Rich and long history of reputation and experience 
  • Building thousands of residential apartments in Israel and the U.S.A.
  • Leading company characterized by financial resilience, expertise and professionalism
  • Engaging leading professional personnel in the industry and employing skilled work force
  • Implementing the highest construction and design standards in Israel
  • Commitment to quality and uncompromising compliance with standards, reliability and transparency
  • Excellent and high quality customer services
  • Preserving the characteristics of the existing environment with special emphasis on green areas without compromising innovation and attention to details.