Kaf-Tet B'November complex, Bat Yam

Shuster Hoshen Ltd.

The Shuster Hoshen complex is designed to be built on the Kaf-Tet B’November Street, located at the heart of the Ramat Hanasi neighborhood of Bat Yam. The designing process of the project is currently in its advance stages. In this project 960 apartments in 5 towers will replace the existing 180 apartments and a broad park will surround the complex for the recreation of its tenants.

The great advantage of this project derives from the process of “Construction and Evacuation” (binuy pinuy) implemented therein; namely the new apartments are first built and only afterwards the tenants would move from their current apartments directly to the new ones.

Tenants are expected to receive new apartments of 100-110 square meters, instead of 54-70 square meters of their current ones. In addition, the new apartments will include an apartment protected space (mamad), sunbathing balcony and a roofed parking place, all of a high and quality standard.